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Thread: No firewall alerts or intrusions showing

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    sri_tumasek Guest

    Default No firewall alerts or intrusions showing

    Reporting "no intrusions" since installation [October 2007] and no firewall alerts are being shown at all. Surely one can expect some intrusions even if harmless ones, so can anyone explain why are they not being shown when ZA seems to working properly?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    jdoliver Guest

    Default Re: No firewall alerts or intrusions showing

    Depends on whether you are on dial up or broadband. Dial up will usually show intrusions. But many broadband (ADSL or cable) modems or routers implement NAT technology. They effectively act as a firewall and stop intrusions before they reach ZA.

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    Default Re: No firewall alerts or intrusions showing

    Hi,Welcome to the Forum!Are your alert logging Enabled? Are you behind a Router? PLEASE complete a database reset and it will bring your firewall back to the original settings at time of installment of ZA.Reset the database this way; you will lose your customizations and will need to reconfigure Zone Alarm.

    1. Boot your computer into the Safe Mode.

    2. Navigate to the c:\windows\internet logs folder.

    3. Delete the backup.rdb and iamdb.rdb files in the folder.

    4.Then empty the Recycle Bin.

    5. Reboot into the normal mode.

    How Do I Boot Into Safe Mode?


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    sri_tumasek Guest

    Default Re: No firewall alerts or intrusions showing

    Yes I am behind an ADSL
    router - Netgear DG 834 v3 [ethernet], but I tried amending its firewall to "allow all" to see if ZA would then block intrusions.
    But no difference at all - no intrusions or alerts notified. The ZA log simply states that "router log in" - incoming - shows it has blocked it - no further firewall alerts other than this.I haven't tried Sly Fox's solution yet since
    it has occurred this way right from a new installation of ZA, after an uninstallation,
    in any case. The only alerts I get from ZA are program ones - no firewall alerts, other than the router reference above.I do think somehow it is indeed a router problem, despite setting its firewall
    to "allow all".
    ZA did
    show all the firewall intrusions
    with my "cheapie"
    previous adsl modem.Thanks for your help guys - I'm sure Santa will reward you!

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