Ok I was sitting here doing my routine stuff when I got a alert about a UDP Package, The IP I recongizned for some reason I've searched it before in google, I think it was yesterday but I can't seem to find another alert with it, I also got another alert yesterday when I was on a IRC channel thought I would put up. I thought it was weird because I felt like something funny was going on with the IRC room yesterday and now I got this weird alert from an IP that I searched yesterday, Just thought I'd mention it. Ok thanks

Edit- I went to look at my logs again and all my logs are deleted for some reason? All I did was change something oldsod told me to do with schvost.exe with internet rights and restarted my computer (Restarted my computer, for diffrent reason) and there gone?

Operating System: Windows Vista Home Basic
Software Version: 7.0
Product Name: ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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