Adapter subnet entry
I found
a thread here - Oldsod and Critterjoe where they were sorting it all out - there, too, are hints of ICS in some obscure settings:
I went through similar steps long ago due to the W2K domains hanging around whichprevented file sharing with XP-home, and ICS or no ICS, it's always 'adapter subnet' in the free version.
ZA free
I used to use ZA free on a non-ZA suite computers v5 and every v6. But can't do that anymore. Version 7 of free is not something I would want on any computer considering its size, complexity. I mean who'd want a whole suite with everything but the firewall disabled and those disabled things interfering with other AV products or mail. Really, what were they thinking of?
I've been mixing
most of
those windows types. And actually the presence of domains kills file sharing with XP home worse than anything else. But that's neither here nor there. I have to re-study the whole NetBios thing because even if it totally stays home, which it does, (all the ZA and other firewall logs prove it,) it's worth learning about those settings to figure out what the sufficient minimum is