I scanned a short while ago, and found this: Backdoor.Win32.IRCBot.are,C:\WINDOWS\97029.exe
I did a search on ZA site and Kaspersky Labs and found nothing but ...
When I googled it I found on http://vgrep.viruspool.net/virus.cms the following:
Backdoor.Win32.IRCBot.are IKARUS T3SCAN V1.28 T3 V1.01.15 16-Dec-2007
Backdoor:Win32/IRCbot.AD Microsoft MP CL 1.3109 16-Dec-2007
Generic9.XYS GRISoft AVG 7.5.503/1187 16-Dec-2007
Win32/Rotisbot.I CA VET RESCUE 14-Dec-2007
Win32:IRCBot-CJE [Trj] ALWIL **bleep**! ashCmd 4.7/071216-0 16-Dec-2007
Worm.DR.SdBot.TMF VirusBuster VirusBuster 1.3.4 9.117.4/11.0 16-Dec-2007
Worm/IrcBot.70656.2 Avira AntiVir/Win32-Console Version 16-Dec-2007
Detected by: Kaspersky Lab KavCon 16-Dec-2007

And there's a bit more.
So is it or isn't it?
(hi Oldsod!)