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Thread: ZoneAlarm prevents a VNC program

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    Default ZoneAlarm prevents a VNC program

    I am using Pchelpware VNC program to remote control another computer. To enable remote control a "server" program (pchelpware.exe&quot has to be run on the remote pc. Then I run a "viewer" program.
    All this works fine provided
    the server program is granted rights to act as a server in ZoneAlarm window that pops up. The balloon has "remember this setting" which I click and then press "Allow" on the remote computer (the computer is a few stories up in the same building).
    Unfortunately ZoneAlarm pops up everytime wanting approval.
    The problem is that
    PcHelpware.exe is a self-extracting file creates a new copy itself in a temporary directory with albeit with a name "pchelpware.exe". Then the file is executed. ZoneAlarm thinks pchelpware.exe is another program and asks permission again regardless of "remember this setting".

    Is there a way around above problem? Ultimately I'm trying to create a system where the server is run every hour. This is because the server program works so that it shuts itself after a few minutes if there is no viewer around trying to connect to it.

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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm prevents a VNC program

    Open the ZA Program control and right click the program involved. Open the Options and check the first two tiems shown and uncheck the "Authenticate components" (no further hash sums will be taken or calculated) and check the "Authenticate components by full path name only" (program connections with be accepted only from file location). Then Apply and OK.

    If this still persists, then set the Program Control slider to Medium instead of the High setting.

    Best regards.

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