I am using Pchelpware VNC program to remote control another computer. To enable remote control a "server" program (pchelpware.exe&quot has to be run on the remote pc. Then I run a "viewer" program.
All this works fine provided
the server program is granted rights to act as a server in ZoneAlarm window that pops up. The balloon has "remember this setting" which I click and then press "Allow" on the remote computer (the computer is a few stories up in the same building).
Unfortunately ZoneAlarm pops up everytime wanting approval.
The problem is that
PcHelpware.exe is a self-extracting file creates a new copy itself in a temporary directory with albeit with a name "pchelpware.exe". Then the file is executed. ZoneAlarm thinks pchelpware.exe is another program and asks permission again regardless of "remember this setting".

Is there a way around above problem? Ultimately I'm trying to create a system where the server is run every hour. This is because the server program works so that it shuts itself after a few minutes if there is no viewer around trying to connect to it.