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Thread: problem with TrueVector

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    paolofoggy Guest

    Default problem with TrueVector

    Hi guys! i have a problem with Zone Alarm Pro. when my windows xp professional starts zone alarm doesn't the icon bars near the clock the Z icon is changed in a jellow X and a baloons says "TrueVector Engine as been stopped". How can i fix it?

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: problem with TrueVector

    Dear paolofoggy:

    If this is just a gliche, rebooting might resolve this. It is caused by the TrueVector Internet Monitor service stopping. If rebooting doesn't help, then try this:

    1)Double click on the ZAPRO icon in the Notification Area (formerly the System Tray).

    2)Click Overview panel, then Preferences tab. Under the General section, uncheck, Load ZoneAlarm Pro at startup, then close out the ZAPRO window.

    3)Reboot and do No.1 again. Make sure that, All Systems Active, is displayed(in green) in the upper left.

    4)Click Overview panel, then Preferences tab. Under the General section, check, Load ZoneAlarm Pro at startup, then close out the ZAPRO window.

    5)Reboot. It should be working normally now.

    Please post your results.


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    nehani Guest

    Default Re: problem with TrueVector

    I've been using ZA Pro for a number of years and in just the past two days I've been getting this True vector error message. I couldn't connect to the internet nor could I pullmy mail. My ZA control center said to do a system reboot--which did nothing so I shut my ZA down and restarted it...which did nothing so then I just uninstalled it andnow
    it seems I can use my computer. I'm almost afraid to reinstall ZA.....My small ISP was recently bought out by Time Warner. Could they have done something? I"m sureif I call them they'll tell me "it's your ZA"....Any suggestions? And sorry, but I blew away the exact wording of the error message I was getting regarding True vector.I'm currently using XP home edition. Thanks.

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: problem with TrueVector

    Dear nehani:

    Please copy and paste your post into a new thread. The Forum-Moderator considers this hijacking another person's thread when you post your problem under someone else's.

    Additional info is needed. What version of ZAPRO did you have running? When you uninstalled it, did you use ZAPRO's uninstaller off the Start menu or did you use Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel? When Time Warner bought out your small ISP, did they send you any info regarding any changes to you email account? Are you using a cable modem with Time Warner and does it have an integrated router?

    Please repost under a new thread.


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    yehonadav Guest

    Default Re: problem with TrueVector

    I see I'm not the only one having this problem. Several others are as well, hopefully Zonelabs will have this fixed in 7.0.464. I had to revert back to 7.0.408 because nothing seemed to stop the random shutting down of True Vector, even after a week or more of doing everything imaginable. If it gets to where nothing is helping, just download the previous version as I did and wait for 7.0.464 to be released, then you can try to upgrade.

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    Default Re: problem with TrueVector

    please do not hijack other users threads.

    You already posted your issue here:

    And an answer has been given to you.
    Please also note that version 7.0.464.000 is a beta and does not fix any truevector issue.
    Only Antivirus engines issues.

    I closing this thread to avoid further abuse.
    If the original OP need further help please open a new thread.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thank for your understanding.


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