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    cazni Guest

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    Hi thereI keep getting a windows security centre alert every time i start up my computer saying that zone alarm firewall is not switched on and recommending that i turn on the windows xp firewall. I can switch the alert off but does anyone know what could be the cause?...., zone alarm seems to be running fineThanks in advancecazni

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    My way is to open the Security Center and disable the firewall alerts in the way the security center alerts you section on the left side of the security center. That tells it to stop bothering people and get on with life. Did the same for the av and updates alerts as well. Well actually I have my Security Center disabled in the Services, since I monitor the windows updates,av and the fw without the help of Windows. I have disabled the Windows Firewall service as well. Two less uneeded things to run on the PC.

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    whyinvalid Guest

    Default Re: windows security alert

    I installed Security Suite 3 months ago and it's been working fine. Now, for some unknown reason, Windows is trying to tell me that the firewall isn't turned on. I am aware that I can tell Windows not to warn me about such things (and I know how to do it)... but I'd like to know how I can confirm that the firewall actually IS turned on.

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    servantseven Guest

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    I have read your response to the problem posted by cazni and Whyinvalid re the alerts which tell us that Zone Alarm is not active. This has only recently begun to happen on my machine (XP Home Edition), after I have installed updates to Windows. Might this have something to do with the sequence of processes at bootup, i.e., Windows Security Centre scans to see if Zone Alarm is active BEFORE Zone Alarm starts up? If so, is there any way of pushing up Zone Alarm to start before the Security Centre does its scan?


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