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Thread: Getting Interactive Service dialog

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    Default Getting Interactive Service dialog

    Hi there.
    I really hope u can helt me with
    this quite annoying
    problem i have. Actually i have three, but somewhere i think they are inter-connected.
    Everytime my ZA Pro starts up, i get a message which states the above. An Interactive Service Dialog Detection that states that "A program cant display a message on your desktop". I get two options. One is the let the message display. It then states that the update process has found a serious error and the computer needs to be restartet. I can choose between Yes and No. If i choose No, nothing happens and i can go back to my Desktop. But if i choose yes, then also nothing happens.In the Dialog window i can read that the UpdClient.exe file is the problem.The other option is to wait a few minutes, before the messages comes again.
    my ZA Pro key doenst work. I have tested it and retested it on the Checkpoint homepage, the key IS valid. I have de-installed and reinstalled ZA Pro. Before ZA Pro, i used the trial version of ZA Suite. Nothing will help. Last, my spyware test, when i try to start it, just tell me that the test is idle, even after several minutes of wait. And when i try to access the Overview tabs in ZA Pro, it takes a really long time to display them. Also when i try to switch between Status, Product Info and Pref. tabs.
    I am using the english version of Vista Ultimate
    SP1. I have an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz with 2048 MB memory.
    I am using ZA pro version service v: Driver version: anti-spyware engine is and DAT File version 01.200704.1445
    I really hope u can help me.
    Ohh, by the way. When u try to send an email to Checkpoint via the Tech-Supp form. Do you get a confirmation message or mail, so that i can see that i actually sent something to them??
    Regards.Michael Hansen

    Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Default Re: Getting Interactive Service dialog

    do you have any other firewall installed on Vista other than the windows firewall?
    As for the e-mail, not sure I have never sent them one.
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