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Thread: What are these security alerts about?

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    Default What are these security alerts about?

    I'm running XP Home as a virtual machine under Mac OS 10.5 using VMWare Fusion. Everytime I start it up, I get alerts like this:

    ZoneAlarm Security Alert
    The firewall has blocked access to your computer (NetBIOS session) from (TCP Port 52934)[TCP Flags: S]

    The port number changes, though it's always a high one, but the IP address is always the same. Reverse DNS says it can't identity the IP address.

    I will get two of these messages, identical except for the port number, logged about 20 seconds apart. Then about 12 minutes later I get another pair of messages, and 12 minutes later another pair, and so on.

    Anyone have any idea what is causing this?


    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    Default Re: What are these security alerts about?

    I would say that the Mac OS is doing a netbios name lookup to the virtual Windows machine. It is a local address so you can add it to the trusted zone. The exact range is - The reason that reverse DNS can't find it is because everyone with a LAN potentially has one. If you want some really boring reading I can give you a link to the RFC for Address Allocation for Private Internets. I guarantee it will put you to sleep though.
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    Default Re: What are these security alerts about?

    Thank you! I kind of had a feeling it was something internal, given the regularity of the alerts. I'm glad to know it's benign and that I can add these addresses to the Trusted Zone.

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