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Thread: aoltsom.exe and svchost.exe viruses

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    scaredy_pc_cat Guest

    Default aoltsom.exe and svchost.exe viruses

    hi im new and im glad u guys are here!!

    i am constantly getting these two security alerts constantly non stop!!

    aol topspeed tm monitor

    i click deny and up pops...

    generic host process for win 32 svchost.exe
    this was shown as a trojan with spyware doctor

    and dont know if it was a virus or trojan with that other one but it was definitely a nasty

    i did quarentine them both

    there is no pattern so im really stumped here!!

    can i just delete this aol stuff completely off of my computer or will i lose all of my emails that are saved?

    should i accept or deny once and for all with these two?

    thankyou for helping me in advance!!

    windows xp version 2002 svc pack 2
    504 ram

    zone alarm 7.0 by checkpoint
    avg antipyware
    spyware doctor(for scanning)
    trojan remover
    tune up utilities
    your uninstallers
    hijack this

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: aoltsom.exe and svchost.exe viruses

    Summary : AOL TopSpeed(TM) Monitor

    Description : AOL TopSpeed(TM) Monitor

    Company : America Online, Inc.

    Threat Level : Category : APPLICATION

    Processes : AOLTSMON.EXE<hr>SAFE Application/Process Description
    Below is a basic description of the application/process you have selected. This application is safe to have on your computer.<hr><hr><hr>aoltsmon.exe is a process associated with AOL TopSpeed from America Online. AOL TopSpeed is a software that increases the download speed for your standard 56.6K dial-up connection.<hr>You can also 'google' aoltsmon.exe or aol top speed monitor for more info and see what's going on.<hr>Question - are you using 'any' AOL/ Netscape - for any dial-up service - web accelerator / AIM mail / messenger , etc.??? If you are then, this is a normal process and sometimes other security software will detect 'web accelerators' as malware = mostly false positive. Sometimes SpywareDoctor goes a little to aggressive on some 'normal processes and cookies.'<hr>If you are not using any AOL / Netscape at all - then it would be right to delete and un-install AOL software - properly - alltogether.<hr>{ I have AOL TopSpeed program (web accelerator)
    - I have three green bars, Access - two green checks, Server - adjust with ' ? or X ' . I once had a security software detect my 'web accelerator.' I also had to update the web accelerator, too.
    }<hr><hr>generic host process for win 32 svchost.exe - under normal conditions - this is an essential process. See/ click here &gt;
    . { For me - three green bars, Access - two green checks, Server - trust -one green check / internet - either ' ? or X ' (sometimes a ' ? ' is needed for some 'other programs to work properly).<hr>Question - if you click 'allow' for aol - do you still get the win32 svchost - detection? Otherwise please look at this - click here &gt;
    run some other ' free on-line anti-virus scans' on your pc and also use hijack this - what results - then use one of the 'spyware removal forum' listed in link 3550.<hr>PS - next time you post you can type your anti-virus
    **bleep** - by &quot;letter, then space or * &quot; to get by filter.

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