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Thread: "c:\$Extend\$ObjId is corrupted and unreadable" >Reformat fixed problem

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    jefffox Guest

    Default "c:\$Extend\$ObjId is corrupted and unreadable" >Reformat fixed problem

    about 2 weeks ago , after not using my laptop for a while i updated my spysweeper, as well as zone alarm...the next time i booted, i got a message that windowsneeded to check my c drive for consistancy. when it did, it hung up with a screen full of "inserting an index entry into index index $0 of file 31752". the only way to escape was by powering off. now when i boot the same thing always happens.. if i bypass the check, i get a message after windows opens that, "c:\$Extend\$ObjId is corrupted and unreadable". i attempted to delete zone alarm and spysweeper. They disappeared from my add/remove list, but the icon for spysweeper remained on my desktop and on my systray and it remained on my all programs list. Zone alarm also remained on my all programs list. i could not run if i try to run chkdsk, it hangs up just as the check for consistancy does, and there is no log file of it having run. help please??

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:5.x
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: "c:\$Extend\$ObjId is corrupted and unreadable"

    <div class="content">&quot;it means there is a bad error on your hard disk(and some files have corrupted)

    you cant do check disk while your computer is running so you have if your computer tries to do it in boot leave it alone its trying to fix it self

    to set a chkdsk the next time your computer starts go to my computer, right click on your C: go to properties, than in the hardware tab there should be an option to Check Disk for Errors, when you click it, it will say cant check disk now do you want to do it when windows restarts? say yes

    also to check your primary disk for errors you can go into your BIOS and look for an option to scan your Primary Hard Drive for errors

    if nothing works you may want to consider backing up your data and formatting before school starts

    &quot;<hr>Also check the microsoft ^ link for &quot;Chkdsk&quot; for more info on how to do it properly. While your at it - you might as well do a 'defragg' of your pc- this helps improve pc health and performance. Running a 'checkdisk and defragg' may take over 20 minutes.
    And you may want to install a 'free' pc registry/cleaner like &gt; Ccleaner &gt; = this helps clean out old temp files/ apps, etc.<hr><hr>Other posts from a google search &gt;;q...=Google+Search<hr>Spysweeper - to un-install you may have to shut it down &gt; from tray icon. In all programs list - spysweeper entry does have an &quot;unstall spysweeper&quot; entry to use. You may want to check Webroot support - for proper un-install and any other complications.<hr>Questions: what version of Spysweeper do you have - plain anti-spyware, anti-virus with anti-spy?

    - PS - at the bottom pull down list &gt; Software Version: = this actually refers to ZA product version- ex. 6.5.737, 7.0.462, 7.0.473, etc. This is not for Windows XP Home Edition version. So what version of ZA Free did you have and was trying to update to?

    - To try and delete Spysweeper and ZA as you had; may have been a bit brash/ hasty - and not doing it properly may have left more corrupted files. ZA un-install &gt;<hr><hr>Product Name:

    your ZA product

    Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version: 7.0 = { this is the version number of your ZoneAlarm product - not your Operating System } It would be advisable to enter the full version number of your ZoneAlarm product within your message post - ex. 7.0.462, 7.0470, 7.0473, 7.1.248, 6.5.737,

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    jefffox Guest

    Default Re: "c:\$Extend\$ObjId is corrupted and unreadable"

    &quot;preciate the help... finally decided to reformat...put that mess behind me...went problems now

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