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Thread: ZoneAlarm Firewall doesn't say path or author of suspect file

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    Default ZoneAlarm Firewall doesn't say path or author of suspect file

    This topic came up a year ago, and wasn't answered. Whenever Zonealarm blocks a program that tries to reach the Internet, it ONLY says the NAME of the program - now where it is on the computer, and not what company made it. There is no advice whatever to help identify this program, of advise whether it is safe or not. The NAME alone of the program is minimal help - a Trojan or other Malware can be named the same name as a legitimate well known program - the key is WHERE the file is, and WHAT COMPANY wrote it. A cheesy workaround I use is to use GOOGLE DESKTOP to search for the filename, and then search on the Internet for advice about the file. ZoneAlarm can do better - at least by showing the full path to the file, and maybe if the Properties of the File allege who the author of the file might be (ie: Microsoft, etc..) The last time this issue came up, a GURU asked the poster to post a JPG of this screen - which is a daily experience for ZoneAlarm users. I'd give you the JPG, but there is no place to post it, and it wouldn't add anything to understanding the most common, and most annoying, problem. Thanks.

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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm Firewall doesn't say path or author of suspect file

    Hi!you find the location of the file in the Alerts&Log section of ZA. Select the entry look down into the 'Entry Detail"(right click on the box - copy/paste)Usually pop-ups give you the option of getting 'more info'Cheers,Fax

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