Dear ZA Forum Gurus,

I received 34 warnings (2 different types detailed below) in a row this morning on my computer which stated:

Zonealarm Securitywarning: The firewall blocked /prevented Internet Access to (TCP Port 445) from your Computer (TCP-Flags:S)
The firewall blocked /prevented Internet Access to (Netbios-Session) from your Computer (TCP-Flags:S).'

I am running Windows XP SP2, Firefox 3.0, Zonealarm Free, Avira AntiVir and a Samsung Printer.
I have a cable internet connection through a router at my house. I am not sure whether another computer which is in the house is connected (or trying to connect?!?!?!) to my computer?

I have never received these warnings before and the only thing I did differently this morning was to give all Nero programs in the program list a green tick in the two columns - Access to trusted and Access to Internet. (I did NOT give them server access to trusted or internet).

Please help me!!! I am worried about this!!! The other computer I mentioned above is attempting to be cleaned from a trojan Win32.Agent.pz could it be that this is trying to infect my computer? How do I know if my computer has a connection with the other one? I only know we use a router for the cable internet connection and that the aforementioned computer is also connected via this connection.

Thanks in advance!!


Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)