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    updater Guest

    Default Update KB951748

    Hey there,My computer automatically installed this update and i haven't had a problem with internet connectivity. Should i still download the new version of Zone Alarm or am i safe the way it is? Anyone else in the same position as me? Hopefully there's a pro here to answer my question, i'd really appreciate it.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    montrealer Guest

    Default Re: Update KB951748

    Hi Updater,

    I had
    connection problem with
    I had to close ZoneAlarm to be able
    to connect to internet.

    I opened Zone Alarm after connection. I received an
    update notice box from ZoneAlarm and installed it.

    This corrected the problem but many times a day, I still
    receive this same
    notice box asking me to
    update ZoneAlarm to correct a
    problem in relation with

    I installed the update a second time in case I did not install it
    correctly but
    the box opens again... I tried the option
    upgrade in 60 days but
    2 hours alater the box was still ther
    on my desk....

    I don't know if it
    will go away.
    I will try
    another reboot.

    If you have no problems

    with KB951748
    do not
    touch to anything!

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    montrealer Guest

    Default Re: Update KB951748

    Everybody should read this link published on this forum by " FAX " a couple of days ago about KB951748.

    All those solutions work!

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