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Thread: Can't shut down True Vector Service

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    janiegrl Guest

    Default Can't shut down True Vector Service

    After the mess w/KB951748, I have set my updates for "manual" and have uninstalled the Microsoft update.
    However, I can't access ZA.
    Every time I try to install either my old version (which was lost in the update process) or download the new ZA version, I get this message "True Vector Service must be turned off before the install process can continue.
    Please shut down TVS from the Service Manager and then continue".
    The problem is, True Vector Service is OFF!
    Went into Admin Tools, Service, and checked, and TVS is showing a blank.
    I can't restart it or stop it.
    Please help!
    I also don't have the ZA icon in my system tray anymore and don't even know if it's running.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    werts Guest

    Default Re: Can't shut down True Vector Service

    Have exactly the same problem and same issue with TVS - only option being to start it and if selected get error message saying it cannot be started in a timely fashion. Have found older threads for similar problems with earlier versions of ZA and a fix posted on SWI Forums via this
    but not sure if I should try it as it is from Aug 2006.Any help would be welcome as I am not happy just running with Windows Firewall.

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: Can't shut down True Vector Service

    When you have ZoneAlarm installed and try to install a different (or the same) version, you must do at least the following:
    1) Uncheck Overview > Preferences > Load ZoneAlarm ... at startup

    2) Reboot

    3) Install ZoneAlarm; when prompted, choose Clean Install

    Clean Install in 3) is optional but will prevent many problems.

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