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Thread: repeated message - zone alarm is initializing

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    wndycndy Guest

    Default repeated message - zone alarm is initializing

    I am having a problem:<ul>[*]I keep
    getting a window pop up about every minute saying that &quot;zone alarm is initializing&quot;,[*]There is a red square with a yellow x that says true vector security device is shut down[*]When I open Zone alarm, it says my anti-virus is turned off, and
    it won't allow me to turn
    it on.[*]I'm using Windows XP. Ideas?[/list]

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    Default Re: repeated message - zone alarm is initializing

    Hello wndycndy
    Pity you did not get a reply to this problem.
    I too have had repeating messages saying ZA is initialising ever since updating to the latest version of ZA Pro many months ago. I have no other problems. But now the number of repeating messages has increased from two or three to six or more so it is hard to now ignore them.
    I think it may be something to do with the latest upgrade of AVG7 to AVG8.
    It would be nice if a Mod could give us some advice.

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