Dear All,When I use my computer in the company, I got a problem.Our company has proxy server.My IP is fixed with MAC locked.
I have set proxy server in internet zone.I believe no one will set it in trust zone, right?
I am receiving a lot of pop up alerts when I access internet.The alerts
show proxy server tried to access my computer
port 137.The messsage copied below:---------------------------------------The firwall has blocked Internet access to your computer (NetBIOS Name) from ( (UDP Port 3152)---------------------------------------The UDP port number will be changed every time.Its range is between 1000 to 4999.The IP always proxy's IP, but the 'source from' will be fixed to the first site I visited after computer boot up.I have saw,, and few others.
I have found the problem caused by the locked MAC.When the locked MAC was turned off at the server side, the problem disappeared.
The major trouble is my internet access was abnormally slow.Sometimes when I tried to login into my web mail, I need to click login button twice.
Could anyone help me to eliminate this problem?IT won't agree to unlock the MAC.Any suggestion?Thanks.(I have tried ZA Pro 4.0, ZA 6.1, ZA 7.0.
They are the same.)

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:6.1
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)