<div class="postcolor">Hello, i know that there are a lot of threads about conflicts between kaspersky and zonealarm pro but i'm in a bad situation right now.
I bought kaspersky and zone alarm almost at the same time, 6 months ago, so i still have half a year already paid for both.
Everything was working fine.
Some time ago a windows update went in conflict with zone alarm and we had to reinstall a new version, the one is out at the moment ( Critical Issue (7/8/2008) Windows update (KB951748) causing loss of internet access.
etc etc)
<div class="postcolor">Then i started to have some Blue screen of death (bad_pool_caller), especially when i was using firefox or IE and looking at some internet pay site like moneybooker or neteller etc.<div class="postcolor">I tried everything, checking ram, hard disk, just everything.
I formatted my pc at least 3 times but the problem was still there.
I learned how to read the minidump file today and i found that kaspersky and zone alarm were my problem.

I read some threads on the internet but i didn't find a real solution.
Someone said to install
kaspersky first and then
install zone alarm but i tried and it ista crashed.
What should i do? how can i get the two software run together?