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Thread: ZA8 vsmon.exe takes up 90% of CPU

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    Default ZA8 vsmon.exe takes up 90% of CPU

    I've been running ZA SS for more than a year. Last night ZA want to upgrade to version 8, and I clicked OK. To my ver great misgivings, my pc takes takes for ever to boot up - about 20 mins and I cannot do anything on the pc as the cpu is really busy. I check the task manager. vsmon.exe is using >89% CPU usage!!!!!

    I'm so angry that I have unloaded ZA and can no longer run the dam thing. Mine is a paid subscription. I even found difficulty regestering for this forum - took about 10 trys. therefore 'xxxxxxx' as user name.

    Anyone knows how to get rid of v8? Or at least solve this problem so that I can have a fire wall and anti-virus/spyware running.

    Really Mad
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    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    davideol Guest

    Default Re: ZA8 vsmon.exe takes up 90% of CPU

    1, Download the latest issue of version 7 from:-

    2, Remove existing version 8

    3 Install version 7.

    4, Restart. This worked for me today.

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    Default Re: ZA8 vsmon.exe takes up 90% of CPU

    Thanks. Will do that.

    I finally got to read what ZA menu shows. It went something like: "Zone Alarm has secured all doors to your PC", but they forgot to add "and have locked you out"

    I'm still so angry I posted this to the wrong thread. My income is based on being able to use my pc and cannot afford to be locked out of my own pc.

    I hope ZA does a significantly-much-better-more-always-very of checking its products before unleashing **bleep** on it paying customers.

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    Default Re: ZA8 vsmon.exe takes up 90% of CPU

    Than you for your Feedback..
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