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Thread: Does Privacy Advisor write to a log?

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    Default Does Privacy Advisor write to a log?

    This is my first post, please excuse me if I don't understand the forum protocols.

    I've been using ZoneAlarm for a few months now, and can control it fairly well. I'm wondering if Privacy Advisor writes to a log file that I can reference. Some sites throw up several messages in rapid order and I can't click on them quickly enough or click the right one before another supercedes it. These messages are helpful to me when a site isn't working to my satisfaction because of personal ZA protection settings.

    A few days ago, ZA issued a security patch that restricted access to some of my previously available sites. But I can't get Zshare right. I 'click here for download', it does a countdown, then a download box is suppposed to appear. The download box no longer appears, and the process resets. I've played with access to the various addresses listed in the Privacy section that I can associate with this site, but can't get things to work. I'm missing something, and a log file of Privacy messages would be an asset.

    Also, I have some suggestions that I'd like to pass to ZoneAlarm. The Customer Support or Tech Support forms have a pre-defined headers for various problems and questions, but none indicate that they take suggestions. So I'm not sure who handles these things. I'd like to see the large area to the right of the Privacy screen be able to take user input. Many of the sites that I visit make vague entries in my Privacy screen. I like to clean things out occasionally, And I can't remember if an entry is associated with a place I visit frequently or if it's site I used once and needed to apply some tweaks for that one occasion. It would be helpful if I had a 'notes' field where I could say "don't delete this, you need it to make ??? work correctly"

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Does Privacy Advisor write to a log?

    Unfortunately the Privacy and the Privacy Advisor never log anything to anywhere.
    Neither allowed nor the blocked files are logged.
    (one of it's failings, in my opionion, although the Privacy does work extremely well at blocking out unwanted files and content).

    Usually if downloads are blocked, it often is the referer or Private Headers, cookies (first, temp or session), some form of javascript (this includes web bugs as these are also often javascripts) that need to be anabled.

    As for the lack of spaces in the forms, I really can't help you, as I am not an employee of ZA and just a ZA user as yourself.

    Best regards.
    Best regards.

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