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    Sorry Repost, I forgot to list my operating system!
    Has anyone seen this alert?I tried downloading a hacker upgrade from a site I had purchased.Upon opening the software it said this version is not compatible....So I canceled download, and everytime I turn my computer onan error message displays reading (Error Loading C:\PROGRAM~1\MYWEBS~1\bar\1.bin\M3PLUGIN.DLL)The specified module could not be found.
    I tried looking threw my computer for this location andsurprisingly it does not list this file.
    There is no ZoneAlarm Program nothing to delete justa error message which I cannot get rid of. Maybe my nextvirus scan will take care of this issue.
    Anyways I am posting here because I check ZoneAlarm's website, and it says that there will be a fee to contact someone with a technical issue? what happened to customersatisfaction?
    Thanks to anyone with any idea of what is going on...Since I see there is alot of problems with this productby just looking at the forum request thread!
    P.S. Also the filename I was downloading said firewall.exe?

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware

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    Sorry to hear that you may have been Infected by downloading "Hacked" Software..Checkpoint does not Support or Warranty any Hacked Software..If you have a Valid ZoneAlarm License Key you may contact ZA Tech support free of charge,All Known Hacked License Keys Generated by Sys Gen Key makers are automatically invalidated..ZA Tech support:

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    ZoneAlarm® Extreme Security

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    Monday-Saturday 24 Hours Pacific Time
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