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Thread: Windows Automatic Updates Blocked

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    mitty Guest

    Default Windows Automatic Updates Blocked

    I am running ZASS version on Vista and the Windows Automatic update appears to be blocked by ZASS.

    The Windows download icon appears, however the download does not progress beyond 0%.
    The Windows Download box freezes and remains blank.
    It can only be stopped from downloading ( nothing ) by doing a Control-Alt-Delete.
    I stopped ZASS from loading at Start-up, re-booted, and the Windows Update immediately commenced and successfully downloaded, and then installed, today's important Microsoft update.
    Can any one please help me to understand what are the correct ZASS settings to allow Windows Update to correctly function?
    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    rainbows Guest

    Default Re: Windows Automatic Updates Blocked

    I had that problem in an earlier version of Zone Alarm Pro and had to add the Windows Update site to the trusted sites.
    In Zone Alarm Pro, go to the Firewall section, then Zones and add it there as a trusted site. I assume you have something comparable in ZASS.
    It's and/or on my Windows XP computer. Don't know what it would be for Vista, but perhaps would be enough to let it run properly.


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    stinman Guest

    Default Re: Windows Automatic Updates Blocked

    OK,I have been through this to great extent.Mitty I never did get this fixed.I uninstalled 4 times,and clean 2 times.None of this ever happened until the 8.20 update that was offered when I logged on one day when it came out awhile back.I gave permissions to all of windows update like Rainbows is telling you to do,well it all ready had permissions for internet,trusted,server,and yes mail.All four green checks.I sent a email to support,and always got a stupid e-mail back telling me to do what I told them I did before emailing them. **bleep** I have 200 days left on my subscription,I just want my money back now.I can not use Zone Alarm now,no matter what it will not let windows update unless I uncheck "load at start up" then re-boot then click on the W update icon,let it update,then load up ZA.I do not even know if ZA was even working because it never did log anything in the firewall logs anyway.I never got a virus or anything but I surf safe any way.I just wanted to say that you are not alone with this very bad problem for a paid product that is supposed to be the BEST out there.I have Vista Home Premium Ser pac 1.I finally had to get rid of ZA and I am with **bleep** Pro now and have **bleep** free 4.8 along with Superantispyware.**bleep** does a great job but if someone does not know much about a firewall then they would get stumped on some things.I am pretty good and I have been stumped a couple times.I did figure it out though,and everything works great.I just do not like free anti-virus,when you do banking on line. Not to mention that I am out $59.99 bucks US,actually I am **bleep**ed.I hope you find a cure,I am only here to see if they have come out with something new.I guess not,I'm not testing software for 59 bucks,tat should have been done before the update was put out.


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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Windows Automatic Updates Blocked

    Click here &gt;<hr>and here &gt;
    - make sure # A, E,C are super trusted, access &gt; green<hr>Also check in 'privacy protection' for all 'microsoft update' related files/ terms - to have full access, and no blocks - pop-up, cookies
    allowed, mobile code etc.
    ( I have heard of one user who finally saw a 'microsoft update file' being blocked in his privacy control panel; once he cleared it - everything worked fine.)<hr>For me, my personal preference - is to have ms update on &quot;notify me of updates, do not auto install&quot; = manual ms updating. This allows to me to pick and choose { check the ZA forum or net for info. of some 'bad ms updates' } and when I install - I open ZA program control - watch as ms is updating &gt; and allowing some of the ZA alerts that usually comes, adjust settings and then the final restart of pc. <hr>:8} NaiveMelody NYC 10-30-08 - Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles

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