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Thread: Security Center does not detect Free Zonealarm

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    mrz Guest

    Default Security Center does not detect Free Zonealarm

    Hi, I have Windows Vista Home Premium SP1, and Free Zonealarm with the latest updates on both products.

    Since earlier this month (perhaps the October 2008 Windows updates?) my Windows Security Center no longer recognizes Zonealarm as a firewall. I have had Zonealarm a long time and never had any problems up to now.

    I have tried turning ZA on and off, using the Firewall slider bar in ZA, and even rebuilding my WMI folder according to other posts in these forums. But none of these work.

    I have currently set my ZA to NOT switch off Windows Firewall, and changed the Windows Security Center to "monitor my own firewall" and "do not notify me and don't display icon" however this is hardly a satisfactory solution.

    I haven't seen anyone else posting with this problem - am I alone? Will Zonealarm please contact Microsoft and tell them this is happening, or else upgrade their free ZA to solve the problem?

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    mrz Guest

    Default Re: Security Center does not detect Free Zonealarm

    more detail... there is an option in the Security Center that says "you've said you're running a firewall that you will monitor yourself. To have Security Center monitor it, click Monitor Now".

    But, when I click "Monitor Now" it just gives me a security prompt (thanks Vista) followed by telling me that Windows Firewall is switched off... so, completely ignoring my ZoneAlarm.

    I have the same ZA version running on another computer with Windows XP, and the Security Center on that system recognizes my ZA just fine!!!

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