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Thread: ZoneAlarm Client has stopped working

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    danielch Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm Client has stopped working

    I just installed Free ZoneAlarm Firewall and I keep getting a "ZoneAlarm Client has stopped working" error.

    I have Windows Vista with SP1.

    Daniel Chapman

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm Client has stopped working

    More details of your situation would have been more helpful. First time ZA users?, upgrade?, what other security software?, what brand of pc? etc...<hr>Click here &gt; - follow tips and guidelines. If you
    were upgrading, an important issue - did you &quot;unload ZA at start-up&quot; of the old, current version before upgrading?<hr>Tips: For first time users of ZoneAlarm -

    1- Have you properly un-installed any previous firewall and/or anti-virus?? = this needs to be done - Click here &gt;
    . Most new pc/laptops come with pre-installed security software, which should be properly un-installed prior to installing any ZA firewall product. This is an
    important step to follow.
    { if you are only installing ZA Free, ZA Pro - you only need to un-install any previous firewall; keep any other brand of 'stand-alone' anti-virus software you want; you will need to un-install firewall and anti-virus only if you want to install ZA Internet Suite and ZoneAlarm AntiVirus firewall products. } Please use the special &quot;Removal Tool&quot; if you have Norton or McAfee. Make sure you have not accepted any security software from your ISP, that may also conflict with a ZA install.<hr>2 - do not
    you use any download managers or web accelerators( often used with dial-up) = [these conflict with ZA
    = should not be used] during ZA install - temporarily shut them 'off.'<hr>3 - please list other security software -
    ex. - anti-spyware: Webroot Spysweeper, PCTool's SpywareDoctor - ThreatFire, CounterSpy Vipre, SpyCatcher, Windows Defender,
    Lavasoft Ad-Aware,
    etc.= these should be shut-off/ shut-down
    prior to installing
    monitoring/performance software - system mechanics, norton utilties/ backups/ ghosts. Make sure to shut-off WindowsDefender and Windows Firewall, just prior to ZA install. Please list anti-virus - sometimes the anti-virus needs to be temporarily shut-down before ZA install - some rare cases - needed to be un-installed.<hr>4 - did you use Microsoft Internet Explorer 6/ 7 or Firefox or others to download? IE 6/ 7 is preferred. &lt;&lt;&lt; Better results, if you temporarily use IE 6/ 7 for downloading any ZoneAlarm firewall product.<hr>5 - in your web browser - if it has security &gt; trusted zone/ site list and pop-up blocker settings - adjust -
    add &quot;; to safe/trusted-site/whitelist

    and of any pop-blockers software you may have.<hr>6 - Make sure your settings are correct - click here &gt;
    IE7 with three green bars, Access - two green checks, etc.<hr>7 - re-install 7.1.254 or 8.0<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 11-7-08 - Long Train Running - The Doobie Brothers

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