I hope this wasn't covered somewhere else that I've missed. (The search function discarded the word "new&quot. I'm not sure if I should be concerned about this or not.
I leave my computer on while I'm at work. Today I came home and found two popups. One was about something wanting to be a generic server, and I said no. (Figured if something didn't work, then I'd have a clue what it was). And then a popup saying a new network had been discovered and listed it as: . I thought I told the pop up not to allow it, but then got a message about it had been added to the internet zone. I know that my own ip address starts with 69 (And I don't understand networks enough even to know if listing the rest of the address is too much info!). I can run whois, but the results didn't look like anything I'd heard of.
The only other unusual things I saw was something at the bottom of the screen about updating java, and when I rebooted something about updating Adobe reader.
And yeah, in a panic I rebooted.
I run a combo of Firefox and IE7 via Comcast, if any of that helps. No other network or other computers installed (yet - I have a laptop I want to add, but this whole network thing freaks me out). I installed ZA recently and the other day got a message about changing from learning to maximum, I think it was, and it warned me I'd get more popups. I just don't know what this new network one means.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus