I use Windows XP Home SP3 and I noticed that after the Windows Security Update of today, December 11, 2008, the Windows Security Center shows that Zone Alarm Firewall is OFF even though Zone Alarm Security Suite Version shows it is ON.
I used the ZASS Verify hot link in the Overview \Main Pane to test it and it shows as ON.
I looked in Alerts & Logs\Log Viewer and I see the ZASS Firewall rejecting TCP and UDP Protocols so it looks like it is working correctly.
Has the latest MS Security Patch caused a problem with recognition of ZASS Firewall Status?
I just sent the
above message to Check Point for Zone Alarm Technical Support.
When I disable ZASS and then re-enable it, the Windows Security Center then shows it correctly as ON.
Its only on bootup that the improper message shows it as OFF.
I figured out the solution.
I now manually load ZASS after Windows boots.
Then the Security Center correctly recognizes ZASS as ON.
Eveidently, the latest Windows Security Patch altered the detection module for ZASS to a place in the sequence after ZASS would boot.
Thus, to get the right setup, one must manually load ZASS after Windows boots up entirely.

Operating System:
Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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