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Thread: Still get ZA alert after upgrade

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    snaward Guest

    Default Still get ZA alert after upgrade

    I just paid and downloaded an update of ZA (I am using vista).
    When I click on the icon at the bottom of the screen it says I am all protected.
    But I still get a ZA alert saying that my subscription as expired and gives me the choice to upgrade or say 'no thanks'.
    So am I really covered or not and how do I get the warnings to go away if I am covered?

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Basic
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    solros Guest

    Default Re: Still get ZA alert after upgrade

    Manuall force an update of the Antivirus patterns. You will see an update window open and run, if it is working properly.
    I have seen this behavior on several installations, and I think it has to do with whether your email address is entere into the field to register the product. But I ma not certain.
    Doing a clean re-install, seems to work with most ZA problems.

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    prof_fate Guest

    Default Re: Still get ZA alert after upgrade

    I agree with user Solros
    Here is the Checkpoint
    Instructions for Vista..;action=view

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