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Thread: Is this to be concerned about?

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    qsimdo Guest

    Default Is this to be concerned about?

    "Microsoft Office Outlook is trying to communicate with C:\windows\msagent\Agentsvr.exe using windows messages"

    That warning has been popping up when I open my mail box since the last round of Microsoft updates.
    I click "deny" and the only apparent problem is "Linx" the helper cat thingy can't open.

    Any suggestions what to do with this?

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    qsimdo Guest

    Default Re: Is this to be concerned about?

    C'mon now, no time to be shy.

    I can't be the only one to have seen this.

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    cyberken Guest

    Default Re: Is this to be concerned about?

    Hi qsimdo

    Agentsvr.exe is generally used for the Microsoft Office paperclip thingy, but has been activated in the past when visiting Yahoo blogs and some ebay pages aswell.

    It is a Windows core system file. It is a trustworthy file from Microsoft. The program is not visible. AgentSvr.exe is able to record inputs.

    Important: Some malware camouflage themselves as AgentSvr.exe, particularly if they are located in c:\windows or c:\windows\system32 folder. so it's best to check out the directory asking for access and run a scan with your progs

    Hope that helped.

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