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Thread: Am I being hacked?

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    walrusbite Guest

    Default Am I being hacked?

    Someone or something was trying to access my computer, tried almost 50 times. Happened twice within a week. Here is a picture of what zonealarm said Is this anything?


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro x64
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    zaswing Guest

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    I don't think so. So you're safe.
    ZA is blocking NetBIOS ports from a computer likely on your LAN since the address is internal

    The twist here is the odd, very high, port number. Normally NetBios connections are from ports, roughly 1024-5000. Someone might be doing p2p or something of that sort to everybody on the network.

    Try to find out what that other computer is doing.

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    walrusbite Guest

    Default Re: Am I being hacked?

    I live on a mountan top ranch with a microwave link into town, 6 miles down the valley. There are 4 houses up here, were all family, all on the same network. There is a wireless network bridge that I an not technical enough to understand, but it connects to a router here next to my computer. I understand the bridge could be set up to directly connect to my router,or wifi cellphone but the family tech dosen't want anyone messing with the setup, so he has it it set up his way. I know better than to bother him with my mundane problems, and he recently broke up with his girlfriend and moved away, so things other than chainsaw repair, chicken/coyote, or dog stuff I don't bother him.


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