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Thread: Zonealarm and Windows System Restore

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    philtivvy Guest

    Default Zonealarm and Windows System Restore

    HiI am new here and do not know my way around so this may have already been answered elsewhere.
    If I try to invoke Windows System Restore with Zonealarm, free, running the restore fails.
    This appears to be a known problem as I discovered in another forum. Sadly being blessed with little knowledge of computers I was unable to
    any sense from the replies given.
    I have discovered that if I disable Zonealarm a restore to a point created a few minutes ago DOES work (Having restarted System Restore I
    have no earlier restore points to try).
    Can anyone tell me if a restore will always work if Zonealarm is disabled (assuming there are no other problems) ?
    If the answer to this is No is there any cure other that uninstalling Zonealarm and using Windows Firewall instead?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:6.5
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    rayap Guest

    Default Re: Zonealarm and Windows System Restore

    I have a similar problem.
    XP System Restore does not appear to function correctly with the latest version Zone Alarm (Version
    / disabling Zone Alarm does not resolve the problem.

    This was not a problem with earlier versions of Zone Alarm on my PC.
    However, uninstalling Zone Alarm completely will then allow XP System Restore to function correctly.

    Workaround to use XP System Restore with Zone Alarm
    First completely uninstall Zone Alarm then restore to a previous restore point and then re-install Zone Alarm again.
    I hope this will be fixed in the next software release, as I'm not sure how I can notify the Zone Alarm directly of this problem.

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    philtivvy Guest

    Default Re: Zonealarm and Windows System Restore

    Hi RayAPThank you for your reply.I do not know if ZoneAlarm had anything to do with it but now my System Restore wont work at all, even when all security software has been uninstalled.regardsphil

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