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Thread: What is "InterVideo Schedule Server" ?

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    jyste Guest

    Default What is "InterVideo Schedule Server" ?

    Hi everybody
    Does anybody know what is "InterVideo Schedule Server" ?
    ZoneAlarm tells me that this program is trying to launch"C:\WINDOWS\system32\dwwin.exe" or"C:\WINDOWS\system32\drwtsn32.exe"
    Should I permit this?

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    mrz Guest

    Default Re: What is "InterVideo Schedule Server" ?

    These are "part of the Microsoft Doctor Watson error reporting tool which comes packaged with some Microsoft products". Which you can easily research on the web. I used to look these up. They are started when a program crashes, and are part of the way Windows reports the error to Microsoft and yourself.
    Intervideo Schedule Server (again searching the internet) seems to be a program that schedules video recordings, possibly as part of WinDVD or WinDVR.

    So your real problem is with your scheduled recording, which crashed.

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    jyste Guest

    Default Re: What is "InterVideo Schedule Server" ?

    Thank you. Now my problem is, that I do not know of any program, which has crashed, nor do I have anything scheduled to record any Videos.So I really still do not know whether to allow "InterVideo Schedule Server" to do what it wants.Greetings

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    jyste Guest

    Default Re: What is "InterVideo Schedule Server" ?

    I have now decided that I do not need this program (WINDVD) so I have un-installed. I hope that will solve the above. Thansk again for your help

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