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Thread: 3rd that... Constant alerts for Misc. programs access to multicast or router

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    rd Guest

    Default 3rd that... Constant alerts for Misc. programs access to multicast or router

    Ok... I'm following up on Voivod (Apr/May 2008) and Mr. Z's (Jan 2009) posts on miscellaneous and non-internet program alerts about requiring access to a multicast address... or, in my case, also to my Linksys WRT54GS router private lan address.

    I'm getting the same nuisance alerts for programs that just shouldn't need access.
    I have a recent install of latest download of ZA Free on a not too old clean install of Vista Home Premium on a Toshiba M55 notebook. I have also done a 'Reset' of the ZA database. There's not much to 'adjust' in the ZA Free version.

    I'm getting alerts for any programs-of-the-moment to access or to (my Linksys router). It's just obnoxious. The command, Hearts, etc.

    I take it nobody has a 'solution' or 'reason' and ZoneLabs isn't going to comment...

    An Ars Technica article suggested to just run with the Windows Firewall for software firewalling (for Vista, not for XP... the Vista version is better). Eventually, I'll get tired of these incessant nonsense prompts... and switch to a competitor... but it would seem that ZL should look into this.


    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: 3rd that... Constant alerts for Misc. programs access to multicast or router

    What are your program settings for Generic Host Process (svchost)? Should be 3 checks from the left.
    Is the router your DHCP server? Do you have LAN?
    Did you uncheck the 'allow broadcast/multicast' under Custom settings of the trusted zone? (if you have LAN you should not uncheck as you may need broadcast)
    Do you have your router IP listed in the trusted zone?
    In computer services (Control panel, Admin tools, services), do you permit SSDP and uPnP services?

    I don't know what command or Hearts is. If disk format, it has no busness out to the internet.
    Don't let Windows Explorer search for files all over the world. Limit to your computer. But I think that's not relevant.

    Additional information

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    rd Guest

    Default Re: 3rd that... Constant alerts for Misc. programs access to multicast or router

    Hi... thanks for the response!
    - My svchost.exe settings are as you say... three green checks from left (Trusted/Internet Access 'allowed', Trusted Server 'allowed', Internet Server 'blocked').-
    My Linksys WRT54GS Wireless router is my DHCP private address server... depending on machines in use, I may have one client cabled, and 2 wireless.- Using ZoneAlarm Free, I don't believe I have access to setting for 'allow broadcast/multicast'... under Firewall, Main, Advanced button, all are Unchecked except 'Filter IP traffic over
    I have tried both checked and (currently) unchecked for 'Disable Windows Firewall'.
    I only have options for: Block Trusted Zone servers, Block Internet Zone servers, Allow uncommon protocols at high security, Allow outgoing DNS/DHCP in Trusted high setting, Allow outgoing DNS/DHCP in Internet high setting, Lock host file, Disable Windows Firewall, Filter IP traffic over 1394.- My router IP 'DHCP Server' and my ISP's 'DNS Server's are in 'Trusted', as well as my wireless Adapter subnet. Currently, my unconnected hardwire and TeamViewer VPN Adapter subnets are in 'Internet'.-
    My SSDP Discovery and UPnP Device Host services are 'Disabled'- is Vista's basic disk formatting tool command, and Hearts is Vista's basic non-network Hearts game... as you say, neither should ask for network access.

    Also, just recently I started up Notepad... ZA soon alerted me that Notepad was asking for Trusted access to, and then alerted again that Notepad wanted access to Internet

    That's ridiculous.
    Your reference to another forum post is in one of the threads I mentioned (from MrZ) as similar to this (re)post of the same issue..MrZ's post:'s post:
    But both threads
    are seemingly 'dropped' without real resolution or explanation of what the 'problem' is... I'm sure the three of us would like to know how to stop this annoyance. However, because this is the 'free' product, I suppose it's low or -no- priority for ZLabs.
    But eventually, I'll get tired of using ZA Free with these 'alerts'... and go back to Vista's firewall, or a competitor.
    Something else I've been seeing is that... I'll be 'surfing' along to various webpages with IE8... then I try another webpage, and it comes up in garbled text format, much like looking at a download or image file which opens as text instead of being downloaded/rendered.

    Or... with Firefox web browsing along just
    fine, then next,
    everything I try to open is like a file format Firefox doesn't understand and it pops up a window asking for an application to open/run "nwshp" file.However.......if I
    simply close ZoneAlarm... and refresh the webpage, IE or Firefox, either one will then render the webpage properly.
    I guess I could uninstall ZoneAlarm and try to clean and reinstall... but... once I uninstall it, I'm apt to leave it that way... oh well.When I assist others, being a PC/CAD tech... these quirks make it hard to recommend Zone Alarm again.

    And... now I've tried stopping all but 'essential' tasks in Tmanager... still ZA alerts for non-net apps. And no, I don't have a virus.

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