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    mdregman Guest

    Default MSBNUPDATE.exe

    Win XP Pro SP3ZASS 8.0.298
    We have a home computer with 4 accounts using a broadband cable modem.
    I am constantly recieving blue ZA alerts of MSBNUPDATE.exe attempting to connect to the internet.
    My concern is that a hidden app, similar to PFST.exe, is attempting to use my internet connection to do whatever.
    Using Essential Net Tools
    to view NetStat and ProcMon listings just reveals many same named Win activities.
    Am I concerned for nothing?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: MSBNUPDATE.exe

    MSBNUPDATE.exe = does appear to be a legit file - click here &gt;<hr>google search &gt;;q...=Google+Search<hr>Things you can do: conduct a Microsoft Update - see if there are any hardware updates available - new drivers? etc. Check the manufacturer of modem/router for any new updates/ upgrades for equipment? Your ISP - is there any new versions? In other words look for legit reasons why your hardware 'may be' needing updates/ upgrades.<hr>It may be a good idea to 'search' thru this site &gt;
    &lt; they are dedicated to highspeed users; and they have their own &quot;forum&quot; where you can ask your question and there are experts who will be better to answer your questions/ suspicions.<hr>Just some other thoughts - something I came upon - click here &gt;<hr>If you can find &quot;MSBNUPDATE.exe&quot; as a file on
    your pc
    - run your anti-virus/ anti-spyware on it or use VirusTotal - click here &gt;<hr>

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    mdregman Guest

    Default Re: MSBNUPDATE.exe

    Thank you.

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