Ok, so I downloaded ZA security suite 8. I had the free ZA firewall, AVG and a free anti spyware. I removed all of them before installing ZA. The installation was smooth and I set it up for auto learn as far as security level was concerned. The scans ran fine and I was glad it took care of viruses I had. Thats where all the good stuff endded. My computer got really, really slow. I had a rootkit virus which ZA couldn't take care of and I had a hundred pop ups(from 4 antivirus sites) that wouldn't stop. There was always something running in the back ground. I shut it down, and everything got better! today my computer failed to start...I had to restore it and it is showing an error initializing ZA. The error message reads 'Zlclient.exe error.. The exception unknown software (0xc0000417) occured in application at location 0x7858c955'. Now I cannot start ZA, I cannot uninstall or reinstall it either! I'm not a computer expert by any means and I'm hoping I haven't screwed things too bad...

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite