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Thread: Internet hangs until reboot

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    paulrenno Guest

    Default Internet hangs until reboot

    I have a Vista laptop with Zone Alarm free firewall v 8.
    I am experiencing my internet 'hanging' after a while of surfing, and the only way to get back , is to actually reboot the laptop, and then its ok again.
    I dont know if this is anything to do with ZA, but is there anything i can look at to see if it is?

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    arkaf Guest

    Default Re: Internet hangs until reboot

    I was hoping that there would be a reply to this thread as I am experiencing the same problem - sometimes I can't even reboot properly and have to hit the power button.
    I have been told by some people that the problem is Zone Alarm and that I need to uninstall it, but I have been with Zone alarm for many years and really hope I can keep it.
    I would prefer not to uninstall Zone Alarm before knowing for sure if ZA is the culprit or not, but for that I really need someone in here to answer the question
    This is a fairly new laptop - bought in June - and I started having the problem basically from the beginning. Sometimes it happens once in a while, sometimes a few times per day and it's really a problem not only because it makes me loose time , but also because when I have no choice but to do shut down trough the power button it's not very good.

    Also using ZA 8 and windows vista home premium

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    vvvvvve Guest

    Default Re: Internet hangs until reboot


    i have had the same problem all week. New computer as well. I had to reload everything until i managed to work out the problem.

    I worked that out when i ended up getting a blue screen of death due to the ZA free. had to uninstall.

    I am on vista 64 bit.
    looking to see if the purchased on supports the latest update to windows

    good luck

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    harrison17 Guest

    Default Re: Internet hangs until reboot

    I've been having similar problems, but with applications in addition to the browser. Not sure that it is ZA, but will offer my problems/specs to the mix in hopes of identifying the problem (or eliminating ZA as the culprit).

    I'm using a new HP Turion laptop. Vista Home Premium 64-bit. Latest release and upgrades of ZA free version. Also using very latest version and updates of FireFox.

    After browsing for a while, the browser appears to be unable to retrieve pages any longer. However, internet icon on the task tray continues to show connectivity. Simultaneous to this, the desktop weather utility from ceases to work. If I am using Windows Live Mail, it no longer is able to connect to HotMail to retrieve messages. If I use Shareaza (file sharing utility) for longer than an hour, it locks up, too.

    Any of these apps tend to lock up singularly, or when used simultaneously.

    Most interesting is that this appears to be a one-way phenomenon. I use LogMeIn to remotely connect to my laptop from work. Even if my PC cannot connect outbound to websites/fileservers, I can still remote into it and use it (except for the hanging apps). So I can get in, but I can't get out.


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    harrison17 Guest

    Default Re: Internet hangs until reboot

    As an addendum to the intial post, I have also had problems ending the tasks through the Task Mangler (Manager . Sometimes I can end the process, sometimes I can't. And if I can't, rebooting is my next choice. Sometimes it will reboot, other times I cannot get it to reboot and have to power it off.


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