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Thread: Why do I need to allow access to trusted zone?

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    Default Why do I need to allow access to trusted zone?

    I use ZA free firewall with WinXP Home.

    I've just done a clean install of ZA on my old laptop (thus overwriting all previous settings).

    I hardly use this laptop, so I'm now doing my Windows Updates.

    During the updates (right now), "Suite Execution Toolkit Executable" is asking for permission to access the trusted zone.

    I use this laptop at home. There is no home network. So I don't believe that any program needs to access my trusted zone. Is this correct?

    I denied access to "Suite Execution Toolkit Executable", and now the Windows Update dialog is sitting doing nothing. Do I need to allow access to "Suite Execution Toolkit Executable"?

    Please note. I'm not asking whether "Suite Execution Toolkit Executable" is a trusted program. I know it is

    I'm asking why it needs to have access to my trusted zone. (As a general question, why does *any* program need access to my trusted zone?)

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    Default Re: Why do I need to allow access to trusted zone?

    The trusted zone is not just for a network: it should include the local loopback (, to your own PC. Applications need access to that, for example if during their execution they need to call on some process or file on your PC. That's normal.

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