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Thread: How can i trust this program?

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    bryan8888 Guest

    Default How can i trust this program?

    The current security setting for xdict.exe does not permit this action. Your computer is safe. <a target="_blank">What should I do?</a>

    ZoneAlarm Security Suite has blocked xdict.exe from creating a new process. If you trust xdict.exe and believe it requires a process to be created, then you may want to change the Trust Level of this program. It is also possible that the attempt to create a process was malicious in nature. In that case, you should not change the Trust Level so that your system will continue to be protected.<a target="_blank">Why?</a>

    xdict.exe is potentially malicious. This is particularly true if the new process will load malicious programs or utilize an excessive amount of CPU time, memory, and other resources.

    I trust this xdict.exe .How can I set up the option of Zonealarm to use it???I try to add this application in the program control and change the trust level. But I can not find this program in the program list. I repeat it a lot of times but the program can
    not be shown on the program list! Please help.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: How can i trust this program? xdict.exe

    xdict.exe - is this file part of this...???
    Summary : PowerWord Translation Dictionary ComponentDescription : Kingsoft PowerWord Chinese/English translation dictionary component. Not to be confused with the AMS (Alf Modern Studio) trojan which is a security and system stability threat.

    <hr>It would be helpful to know which path/ program it belongs to. Assuming it's part of &quot;Kingsoft Power Word&quot; software then...

    If there is a main program that 'it' belongs to - you can give three green bars, Access - two green checks, and possibly - Server - &quot;
    ? ?
    in ZA program control for Kingsoft and/ or related files.

    Now, also look at your 'privacy protection' tab: see 'site list' check to see if there are any blocks, otherwise give more green checks. Also see if shutting off: cookies, Ad blocking and mobile code - allows better access.

    &gt;&gt; Also when you did get the ZA alert of blockage/ denial
    - check the &quot;ZA Alerts &amp; Logs &gt; Log Viewer&quot; - find out more info., which part of ZA blocks and you can actually turn it to 'trusted zone/ site/ program' with 'expert firewall rule.' Check: Firewall/ OS Firewall/ Program/ Spy Site Blocking alert type. Once you find the log detailing the blockage; you can eventually turn it 'trusted' as you wanted.

    Please click on the blue &gt; &quot; ? Help &quot; = this is your User Guide that will explain how to un-block/ turn it into a 'trusted' site/ zone/ program, etc. Or right click ZA tray icon - see &quot;Help&quot;<hr>Be aware that some current scanners do 'detect' xdict.exe as malware - click here &gt; &lt; thou Prevx and others do not always have to be accurate with their 'assessments.' Please be sure this software is &quot;safe.&quot;<hr>

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