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Thread: Anyway of pre configuring ZA access?

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    Default Anyway of pre configuring ZA access?

    Hi. K I have a problem with the little access messages that keep coming up everytime I want to run something. When I run a game or program or whatever, I often have to end up resetting my whole system as the little access permission box comes up whilst the game is running which I cant get to as the game is over it and control escape doesn't work either. What happens is I cant progress with the game or program because for it to continue I have to confirm access to it by allowing it through on the ZA box in the bottom right of my screen but I cant get to it do allow it to carry on running so I always end up having to close my system down.

    Is there a way you can pre configure programs to always have access and so you never get those little messages come up which I cant get to? (yes I know about the little tick box on the message that lets you always have access for the program) but I still cant get to the box to tick that either.

    How can I preconfigure access for programs pls so I dont keep getting these things which I cant get to? ty.

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    Yes! I also play some online games (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, etc.) and had experienced the same problems requiring a hard reboot.
    The solution:
    Look at the properites of the shortcut used to start the game to see the path and program name
    the Target field.
    In ZA, go to Program Control > Programs, click the Add button (bottom right), select and Open the program in the Add a Program popup window,then
    change the entry to Trust Level = Trusted (2 green bars, followed by 4 green check marks and an X.
    You should do this immediately after installing a new game and before you run it.

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    Default Re: Anyway of pre configuring ZA access?

    Open the ZA Help ( open the ZA and press the [F1] key ) and look under the Contents listing.
    The sublisting under the 'program control' has details on how to globally set the ZA for access permissions.
    Best regards.

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