I recently got a window popup saying svchost was trying to act as a service at

The first thing I thought odd was that my subnet is actually 192.168.0.X

I did a netstat to try and find more detail and got:

Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State PID
TCP golem:1285 a96-17-168-33.deploy.akamaitechnologies.com:http TIME_WAIT 0

These two items, I think, are unrelated. No process information was listed for the akamai connection.

Does anyone have any ideas of what's going on or what step to do next to look further? I'm incredibly curious as to what service my machine may be running that's connecting to akamai. By default I try to run nothing that makes outgoing connections really, except ZA (and its updating).

O.k., I just did another netstat real quick and it's gone.


Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite