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2) Do I need an antivirus too? ZoneAlarm is a personal firewall. Use it in conjunction with a good up-to-date antivirus.
3) Why did I get a Lockup page? The Lockup pages you are sent to is specific to the situation you are experiencing. Be sure to follow ALL of the instructions on the Lockup page you are sent to, as it explains exactly what is happening, and how to stop it from occurring. Note that if you have a virus that is trying to kill antivirus and firewall software, the firewall is going into Protect mode to save your valuable data. You should make sure your system is free from any infection before fixing the Lockup issue.
4) Why is ZA blocking Internet after a while? The most common cause is that you are losing your IP address. Most ISPs use DHCP to assign IP addresses. Many also send a heartbeat to see if you are still connected. If these are being blocked, you should see them in your Alerts. From inside ZA, press F1 and search for DHCP or HEARTBEAT.
5) I uninstalled ZA, and lost all access! If you uninstalled ZA and lost your access, then the uninstall was not able to remove the firewall driver properly. If your browser goes to a site called lockup.zonelabs.com, there are specific instructions to help you fix this problem. Otherwise, you can fax Zone Labs Support at 415-633-4589 (be sure to include a fax number or an email address that you can access and print from).

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