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    dogmanwmp Guest

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    After completing the latest upgrade my IE will not now open the sitehllp:// is the only site that i have found will not open, it hangs whilst attempting to load and then comes up page unavailable.The site is a forum which requires a log inI've read the recent posts and tried the fixes, including a clean install of Version 5.0 with no luck any more ideas!Sean

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    I don't know if you have tried this, but here goes.Add that site's URL to Privacy > Site List. Allow that entry to drop cookies and private Headers. Try going to that website again. If there is no improvement, try allowing it web bugs.

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    dogmanwmp Guest

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    Thanks for the quick reply, tried what you said with no luck! As a matter of interest i've Googled proboards24 and cannot get into any of the sites listed.Do you think it's something in my IE thats blocking the sites, i've set the privacey in IE to low and added proboards24 to the allow cookies list, still with no luck.cheerssean

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    If you shut down ZoneAlarm, will you be able to get to that site?

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    dogmanwmp Guest

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    Then your problem should not be related to ZoneAlarm. Do you have another browser? If you don't have, you can download Firefox for free. Try accessing that site. If you can load it successfully, that may mean IE is the reason. And by the way, after you tested Firefox, don't uninstall it. Use it as your default browser because it is much more secure than IE.

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