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    eclipsegsx Guest

    Default Windows update

    Windows update fails to load. Can not install latest updates. Can someone plz help? I think ZASS may be blocking it?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    eclipsegsx Guest

    Default Re: Windows update

    Also, Port 113 is not stealth, it is only closed, according to Shields Up!
    I would like to know how to make it stealth...thx :8}

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    Default Re: Windows update

    Try to Privacy > Site List if it isn't already there. Give it all ticks.

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    Default Re: Windows update

    Are you using a router or a modem that does NAT?

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    rknee Guest

    Default Re: Windows update

    I did this, I have done every trick, work around mentioned in this forum etc.

    I either have to SHUT ZA DOWN, or use the START, Help and Support path to to update using that work around.

    STILL Flawed ZA Pro 6.0.667..........
    ZA MUST fix this FLAW.

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    gerard_konijn Guest

    Default Re: Windows update

    Make sure your Mobile Code control is turned off when you attempt to update and give Generic Host Process Server Rights in the Trusted Zone and full Access rights. Empty the Trash folder in Mozilla Firebird or empty the cache from your current browser. Then empty your recycle bin. Rebootand try it again.Best regards, Gerard Konijn. Tilburg, The Netherlands.

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    eclipsegsx Guest

    Default Re: Windows update

    yes, I am using a d-link router

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    Default Re: Windows update

    <BLOCKQUOTE><HR>eclipsegsx wrote:
    yes, I am using a d-link router
    Please take a look at this thread:

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    texmark Guest

    Default Re: Windows update error

    I had the same problem accessing Windows Update after installing ZA Pro 6.1 last month. I'd receive error message 0x800A1391. The only way to access it was to disable ZAP. After reading the messages on this site, I tried a few things and got Win Update to work. This may not fix your problem, but this is what I did: In ZA, go to the PRIVACY menu and select "Site List". Scroll down to "" and left-click in each block without a check-mark to "allow". Under PROGRAM CONTROL, I also allowed (with a check-mark) all blocks for Generic Host Process. In IE (under Tools/Internet Options/Security) click on "Sites" and add the Win Update URL(s). I hope this solves your problem.

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