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Thread: Internet Connectivity - IE6 & ATT Worldnet

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    camaz Guest

    Default Internet Connectivity - IE6 & ATT Worldnet

    Time to ask for help! After downloading the latest version of (FREE) ZoneAlarm, and checking that my default browser should have internet access, I find that I get connected to Worldnet, but cannot access any web pages (cannot connect to server) using Internet Explorer (my default browser) but no problem if I use Firefox, which is not my default. Also, can use IE when connectiong with NetZero. Uninstalled and purged the system of ZA, then downloaded/reinstalled. Same result. Is this a known issue?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Internet Connectivity - IE6 & ATT Worldnet

    Try this. Go to your ZA Program Control > Programs list, right click on IE, then select 'remove'. Now open a new IE browser and you should get a ZA program Alert. 'Allow" access and tic the 'remember this' box. Did that work?

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    camaz Guest

    Default Re: Internet Connectivity - IE6 & ATT Worldnet

    Thanks, I'll keep that on ice in case I need it. For now, I was able to work around by stopping ZA from starting on startup. Then, when I manually started ZA, I was able to get online mobility on Worldnet. Go figure?????

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