A few months, I noticed the ZAP log indicating (Mozilla) Thunderbird was trying to connect to a web site that I had put in the "blocked" zone in the Firewall section. Thinking this was spyware/virus, I used several different programs to root out the problem but no luck. I also posted this problem at Mozilla but the readers there thought it was a ZAP problem. So, last week, I reformatted my hard-drive, reinstalled only commercial software (ie, nothing downloaded from Web) except for Thunderbird and Firefox. Still, the ZAP log indicates Thunderbird and Firefox trying to access this blocked web site! Suspicious, I tried an experiment and added www.abcnews.com to the blocked zone. And again, the log indicated Thunderbird and Firefox trying to connect to this site. Indeed, any web site I put in the Firewall section of ZAP and mark as "Block," the log indicates Thunderbird or Firefox trying to access this site.

This strikes me as strange since I can't imagine how either of these two programs would know what sites I tell ZAP to "Block." So, I'm thinking this is a bug or something strange going on with ZAP, and not with
the Mozilla products.

Any guesses? Thanks.

ZAP 6.0667
Windows XP Home
Dell Dimension 4500
AVG Anti-virus

Note: I had originally posted this as this:

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.0