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Thread: Zone Alarm & Windows Update

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    jimclark Guest

    Default Zone Alarm & Windows Update

    I have recently begun to have an issue with the ZoneAlarm firewall regarding windows update.I have given full high level permissions for the update active x and all the other settings to allowautomatic update. I have to bring the firewall DOWN in order to get MS Windows Update towork. I have reported the issue to Microsoft and one of their support techs tells me, I needto report the problem to Zone Alarm.This issue has arisen after downloading the 14 some security updates that are causing somepeople a lot of problems. According to ZDNet, a lot of the problems have to do with networksand changing permissions regarding the root directory and access to it. I do have a homenetwork consisting of three computers, but I have Administrative priviledge on all of them becauseI am the sole user (besides my wife). I have not changed any security or access permissionson any of the it does NOT follow that the problem has to do with admin rightsor security or access permissions on the home network. The problem has to do with the ZoneAlarm firewall which is blocking Windows Update. Or something that MS wrote in those securityupdates has superceeded something in Zone Alarm.I am using Zone Alarm Security Suite 6 with the latest patches and updates.Has anyone had a similar issue? And if the problem has been solved, what is the solution?If this is the first time the problem is being reported to Zone Alarm, is this message being readby a Zone Alarm developer or troubleshooter?Once again, I have set Supralevel permissions for all Windows Update modules in the firewall,including highest level of trust. It's not working! I am being blocked. MS support told me todisconnect ZA and use the Windows Firewall during updates. This is a real hassle having todo that! I hope someone has a solution, because right now I am bare a**ed naked while having to updatemy computer...since I have to bring ZA firewall down.Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    icehot Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm & Windows Update

    Yeah i've had this problem, and i've reported it to zone labs too, so hopefully they will fix it, there's not much you can do about it either other than what you've already done.

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    jimclark Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm & Windows Update

    Thanks Ice At least, I know I am not alone. How long does it normally take ZoneLabs to fix problems like this?Not sure, as I am a recent user of ZoneAlarm SS, prior symantec user here. I hope it doesn't take 6 monthsfor ZL to figure out how to correct problems.Does anyone else have a suggestion?Once again, thanks Ice. Muchas Gracias

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    magical_trevor Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm & Windows Update

    Hi Jimclark,Welcome to the Zone Alarm Forum's, my name is Tony.Try this:Open up Zone alarm Control Centre>Program control (on the left hand side)>Programs (on the top taps)look for something called Automatic Updates If you have that there, what is that set to?To you other question, has any one else had this problem, No I have not had this problem at all with any Zone Alarm Software.At the moment Im using the Zone Alarm Internet Security Suit 6.0

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    jimclark Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm & Windows Update

    I did that. It's set to superlevel. This is the problem I am talking's set to full high levelpermissions and yet blocks MS Windows Update. The problem still continues. Thanks foryour advice. Jim Clark

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    rgornick Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm & Windows Update

    I have the exact same problem and am posting it to make you feel like there are others like you. I can get access to update through Help and Support.

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    cota Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm & Windows Update

    I just posted the same problem, I am running Windows XP Pro and Zone Alarm Internet Suite 6.0.The only way I get to work is shutting down Zone Alarm.Hope we get an answer soon.

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    pantha Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm & Windows Update

    Yes, I have the same problem, but sometimes it works fine and sometimes I have to shutdown Zonealarm to make it work. I beleive that this inconsistency is with Microsoft, because I do not change anything in Zonealarm (6.1) I wonder if there is something that we can set up in Expert rules that has the same effect as exiting zonealarm for Windows Update. I do not know even how these expert rules work or how it needs to be set up, but I hope Zonealarm Tech support can figure that out.

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    supremetwo Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm & Windows Update

    <BLOCKQUOTE><HR>pantha wrote:
    I beleive that this inconsistency is with Microsoft, because I do not change anything in Zonealarm (6.1) <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Adding suffers fromIP address changing. If the IP addresses associated with the host namechange after you have placed the host in the Trusted Zone, those IP addresses are not added to the Trusted Zone. The MS updateURLS switchbetween the following IP addresses (from the UK - might be different from other locations):- 3080.67.81.13680.67.81.144I find thatadding these 6 separatelyto trusted as anIP address (rather than a URL), access to Windows Update is not blocked.Byenabling alerts, then accessing Windows update, you can see which IP address is being blocked if you find the above are different or have changed.You can also see the IP addresses when you click the Lookup button.

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    pantha Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm & Windows Update

    Hi Supremetwo
    I entered the URL's as you suggested and it works.
    However can you tell me where I can find the Lookup button you refered to?

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