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    dfdonnell Guest

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    I have a client/friend that I had buy ZA Pro (ver 6) and he put a password on it but has now forgotten what it was.We have tried all the passwords, names, etc that he can think of to no avail. Because of the password, ZA thinks thatit is connected to a "new" network when the machine is rebooted and he cannot get online.Is there any way to reset the password on the machine? (windows 2000 pro)

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    ad_hock Guest

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    Hi dfdonnell
    The only way to solve the problem is resetting the data base. Do this ( you'll loose all your customizations):
    1 In overview preferences uncheck 'ZA load at start up'
    2 Reboot in safe mode and look for the folder Internet Logs (in XP is C:\windows...)
    3 Open the folder and delete all the files with extension .RDB, .LDB and .TMP
    4 Empty your recicle bin
    5 Start windows normally,open ZA manually and in overview preferences recheck 'ZA load at start up'
    As said you loose all your customizations and need to start building a new data base from scratch. It gives some work but has the advantge of being a fresh one
    Best regards

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    mfparrott_junk Guest

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    OK, maybe I'm just ticked because I write things down on random scraps, in places like the back of the X section in my address book or in the kids baby book but I don't have a clue how to do that stuff so I can get my password...I know I don't want to learn any part of it...can I sleep with the CEO or something...I mean, come on, how are we brainless Americans supposed to remember like 37 passwords that we have to change every now and then, my pin number and my family's birthdays? HELPLESS AND TOTALLY FRAZZLED ABOUT IT

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    notelling Guest

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    to ad-hoc,
    Same process for Vista too?

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    whassoun Guest

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    this doesn't work because i have the same problem and when i try to uncheck the Load Zone alarm on startup it asks for a password??? what now??????

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    Start your computer in safe mode and follow Guru Ad-Hocks directions.

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