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Thread: and again..networking problem

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    richago Guest

    Default Re: and again..networking problem

    have spent hours trying to set up laptop to access internet on network-your solution solved it immediately!many thanks -richard

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    Default Re: and again..networking problem

    IF the way you have it works, then leave it that way.
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    glaurung Guest

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    Thanks Bill,

    This solved my problem like a charm. been trying to solve it for a long time. even deinstalled/reinstalled ZA. Even deinstalled VMWare workstation to make sure the virtual networks of it didn't cause it (now i need to spend some time putting that one back as it was )

    Anyway it would be nice if they added this to the ZA help files because the current Help doesn't help at all :O

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    andycitron Guest

    Default Re: and again..networking problem..nslookups failing from an ics client

    Hi,I followed all the suggestions in the previous post, but nslookups from the ics client are failing.
    It seems that ZA on the ICS server is blocking incoming nslookups.
    This was working before I upgraded from ZA 3.5 to Integrity Flex Version
    How do I tell ZA to allow incoming NS lookup requests.
    I already told it to act like a ICS server.If the ICS client uses an ip address in IE, IE can get to the website.
    So ICS is working.

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