This has been a consistent problem with ZA and is the reason I no longer use ZA Pro. Why pay for a program that does not work? I did all the "program permissions" and the same problem still reoccurs. Now, when ZA denies access to a trusted site I turn it off and use "Windows Firewall" that comes with XP. So my question is this: If the windows firewall will grant access to trusted sites - why does"ntZA?Everytime I look at the "Alerts and Logs" section it tells me ZA is blocking "scvhosts.exe" which is a windows program. No matter how many times you give it permission it reverts back to blocking. I now use the free ZA. When it blocks access to trusted sites (like MSNBC) I turn off ZA and use the windows firewall. When Im not on the internet I turn ZA back on (I have DSL and its constantly on). Why should I have to turn it off if I want to surf the internet? If, and when ZA fixes this problem I will buy ZA Pro again- but not until then. I hope someone passes this on the mgmt because you are losing paying customers for a problem that has been around for the last 18 months or more.