I'm using Zone Alarm Pro. Just installed it. Upon installation it saw my internet connection through my ISP which is I think a local area network, and when it flashed that yellow dialog box that says "Zone Alarm Pro has detected a new network with IP...." I gave the network connection a name and hit okay. Now here's the problem. I always get disconnected from my ISP. This happens on a regular basis. I have a broadband wireless connection which works good, but they have a problem that causes people to get unplugged from the internet for like say maybe 12 seconds every now and then. Now when I get unplugged, and then about 13 seconds later I get plugged in again, Zone Alarm flashes that yellow dialog box that says, "Zone Alarm has detected a new network with IP....". Is there a way to tell the program not to flash this dialog box every time I get disconnected and then re-connected? That's what I'd like to do, to prevent this box from even showing up, since Zone Alarm has already detected my internet connection when I first installed the software.Let me know. Thanks.

Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro